Abdullah Akbar

Between juggling the over-looming doom that is my future and following my passions; life gets a little bit hectic. Everyday is as arduous as the one before but, what truly makes it worth living are my cats. Kuma, a feisty ginger and its counterpart; Ladu. These two beings are my best feline friends who not only accompany me during the dark hours of the night, when I’m way too deep into rendering my edit, but also during the day when I’m uncertain of what’s to come.

I’d like to think of myself as a blank page; I perceive and live to be perceived. In this way, nothing I say will add to, or change an already created image everyone has of me. Who is Abdullah Akbar aside from his childhood friends, his cats and the occasional Drake playlist on loop? The inconsistencies I experience are what make me who I am. So, aside from the baseline; everyone and every experience is who I am. There’s an essence of me in each decision of my life which I strive each day to complete. 

Ps: I make music

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