1. Myself Poster

2. Photography

3. Narrative through images

These images depict a scene in which the Vigilante character receives a phone call from an unidentified individual, who supposedly provides her with information about an upcoming operation. Following the call, the main character proceeds to her car, where she discovers a package waiting for her. Upon opening the package, the final slide in the sequence shows the character outside a large store, holding the gun that she received from the anonymous sender, seemingly preparing to take some sort of action.

4. Character introduction

The central character in the story is a young man who feels completely disconnected from society. As the people around him go about their busy lives, he remains lost and confused. Despite wearing a bright green mask and formal clothing, nobody seems to pay attention to him or recognize him. The mask serves to conceal his identity, but also draws attention to him, making him stand out. However, he still feels like an outsider in society. This character has an air of mystery about him, leaving viewers wondering who he is and what his intentions are. To learn more, one would need to watch the rest of the movie.